Fruity Yogurt!!!!
Yogurt Description

Why Frozen Yogurt?

Our yogurts have live and active cultures which help the digestive system. The lactose content is also reduced so those who are lactose intolerant can also enjoy! Low calorie, no fat, high calcium, need any more reasons? Oh yeah, it tastes great!


Fresh Fruit!

Are you eating enough fresh fruit? The US RDA for fruits and veggies is 5 cups per day so get started!


Toppings Galore!

Customize your froyo with our wide assortment of toppings!

What Makes Our Frozen Yogurt Different?

We mix our own flavors in each store, creating an endless variety for you to try. In fact we have so many different flavors, they are in a constant state of rotation. Just look at our Facebook feed on the right to see what is being served in each store this week!

Some of our Yogurt Flavors

Thai Tea Acai Berry Acai + Mixed Berries
Pistachio Birthday Cake Cake Batter
Rose Lychee Honeydew Passion Fruit
Lychee Black Sesame Chocolate
Peanut Butter Peanut Butter Chocolate Green Tea
Coconut Plum Cherry
NY Cheesecake PiƱa Colada Strawberry Colada
Almond Red Bean Cookies and Cream
Peppermint Stick Eggnog Raspberry
Peppermint Champagne Grape Cinnamon
Grapefruit Oatmeal Cookie Batter Irish Cream
Bubble Gum Butter Pecan Caramel Latte
Lemon Sorbet Watermelon Sorbet Raspberry Sorbet
Kumquat and Lemon Japanese Macha (green tea latte) Key Lime
Orange Bliss Starfruit Mango
Plain Tart Strawberry Strawberry Banana
Vanilla No Sugar Taro Pomegranate
Peach Blueberry Mulberry
Cranberry Mixed Berry Kiwi
Green Apple Pumpkin Pineapple
Mocha Sorbet


After you get your yogurt, it's time cover it with our wide selection of toppings including fresh cut fruits!

Gummy Bears Gummy Worms Carob Chips
Chocolate Chips White Chocolate Chips Rainbow Sprinkles
Chocolate Sprinkles Crushed Granola Cookie Dough
Blackberries Blueberries Stawberries
Kiwi Grapes Mango
Pineapple Red Beans Lychee
Craisins Cake Crunch Cinnamon Crunch
Raisins Oreos Sprinkled Chocolate Chip
Cherrios Mini M and M's Sunflower Seeds
Banana Cheesecake Bites Chocolate Wafters
Reeses Pieces Graham Cracker Crumbs Green Tea Jelly
Maraschino Cherries Mochi Mixed Nuts
Nerds Passion Fruit Pops Passion Fruit Jelly
Peach Pears Pomegranate
Strawberry Coconut Jelly Toasted Coconut Sweetened Coconut
Hot Chocolate Fudge Marshmellow Fudge And MUCH MORE